Friday, September 11, 2009


I've been off line for a while due to debilitating headaches, shortness of breath and weakness. Diane and I went to the ER earlier this week, only to find out nothing except one can never have enough patience in the ER!
So without any evidence that my lungs or heart are poor, we're working on the assumption that I've reached a saturation point in my chemo, the last two treatments made me feel like I'd played the hardest game of rugby ever and needed a full week to recover while feeling nauseated, and that coupled with a 2 week cold are why I'm off line. I think the cold would have gone away had I not had low white cells from the chemo.
Anyway, I've been resting. The headaches are sinus ones and are quite blinding. Tylenol does its job for a bit - amazing really since I never found Tylenol to do anything for me before. My theory for them is that it's that time of year when we have allergies, and I always used to get mild sinus headaches in the fall. Now they're just giant ones due to the increased swelling.
Enough's how I deal with adversity. I try to think my way to a good solution - I feel safer that way! Anyway, Poe, our ginger cat and last adoptee is quite happy to follow me around and take his naps where I do - on the bed or couch. He always announces his arrival with a trilling, "tremph-ph-ph-ph" going up the scale. In case I didn't notice him! So all in all - it's a great day, even with the rain.


  1. Great to read another post, Brian. I hope you are feeling much better now and I'm sure Poe is enjoying any extra attention going his way.

  2. Dear Brian,

    We rec'd your blog site from our cgvhd (chronic graft versus host disease) listmate Nick G. I am thankful, deep down in my heart, brought to tears of comraderie, thankful you are blogging about your challenges and triumphs.

    I absolutely love your Sir Brian Botany B. alias. My mother read that poem to us so many times in our youth. It is part of my history as well.

    Our son Ryan has been a fellow warrior since being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 21 days old. (presented in a ketoacidosis coma) He has since gone on to have a stem cell transplant in 2004 (due to a fatal X-linked gene mutation discovered when he was 3yrs old)and has battled dibilitating chronic graft versus host disease for 4 yrs. He is now 12 yrs old and quite a force of nature as well - defying the odds at every turn.

    Being allowed to accompany a fellow-chronic illness warrior is a privilege and honor. Thank you for helping us to remain strong and focused on life.

    Yours most sincerely,
    Amy Patrick
    (Ryan's mom)

  3. I, too was very touched plus amused, actually laughing out loud at your friends' saying to you that you finally had that pudgy Asian look down. (paraphrase, as can't find that post). I have advanced stage four cancer, and am pretty pragmatic and probably somewhat proud of myself, but were I to have your travails I don't think I would have held up at all. Your courage, your fight, your determination are remarkable. I admire and commend you. Catherine Walker

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